Reconciliation Round
Date of Event Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club: Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:31PM

Tomorrow (1st February 2020) will be the inaugural Reconciliation Round across Australian Cricket (Premier & Community), with Cricket Australia encouraging clubs around Australia to celebrate and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and cultures on that weekend through “one consistent act”. Some more information is available on the attached flyer and in this video


Barefoot Circle

As a uni?ed movement across Australian cricket one consistent act encouraged for all clubs across the country on that day is for both teams and umpires to form a pre-match Barefoot Circle. Each individual is to place their hands on the backs of those next to them as a sign of support and a commitment to walk together toward Reconciliation. Recognising we have Women’s Premier Cricket on Sundays, I’d like to encourage that this take place then as well. So please feel free to share this with your team captains.


National Indigenous Cricket Championships (NICC)

The date of the NICC was changed after the 19/20 cricket season started and was actually brought forward, with it historically starting around the 3rd/4th/5th February. This means that some important players are away representing the QLD side in Alice Springs. So that they can be involved in Reconciliation Round with their Premier Club team-mates, I’d also encourage clubs to do the Barefoot Circle on Day 2 of this upcoming round.


Re-imagined Logos

As a way of supporting the inaugural Reconciliation Round, QLD Premier Cricket wanted to provide the clubs with something. Ideally it is a way of starting some thinking or conversations at each Premier Club around how to celebrate and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and culture. There are some great ideas on the flyer in the “What Else Can We Do?” section for future seasons.

Last updated: Friday January 31, 2020 8:35PM
Author: Paul Keller