AGM 2020
Date of Event Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club: Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:01PM

AGM Minutes 29 December 2020 in summary


Paul Keller was re-elected President at last nights North’s AGM.

Mitch Witt
who was re-elected as Secretary,
Andrew Campbell
Adam Lavis

who were elected as General Executive members.

Further Congratulations to Dominic Ovenden and Paul Keller who were awarded Life Memberships at the AGM the highest individual honour a North's member can achieve

My personal thanks for the overwhelming support the current Executive and I received from the North’s cricket family. Let’s continue to work together to achieve the great results on and off the field that this season has already delivered.


Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club (NSDCC)

 93rd Annual General Meeting
December 29, 2020 opened at 7.03pm


NSDCC Kerr Family Pavilion, 128 Shaw Road, Wavell Heights


Attendees: Michael Wright (MWr), Mitchell Witt (MWi), Neville Carnegie (NC), Michael Mainhardt (MM),Adam Lavis (AL), Paul Keller (PK), Matthew Keller (MK), Joe Sweeney (JS), Dominic Ovenden (DO), Robert Webster (RW), Parth Patel (PP), Tony Comerford (TC), Andrew Campbell (AC), Liam McCracken (LM), Henry Coventry (HC)


Proxies: Andrew Pine for Paul Keller(PK), Baxter White for PK, Freddie Marshall for PK, Greg Maher for PK, James Maher for PK, Lachlan Maher for PK, George Kelsal for PK, Steve Godden for PK, Jonah Clarke for PK, Kendel Fleming for PK, Nathan Carroll for PK, Tom Adams for PK, Cam Martin for PK, Ian Daniels for PK, Angus McFadyen for PK, Noah McFadyen for PK, Laurence Hallam for PK, Ken Healy for PK, Kevin White for PK, Liam Byrne for Pk, Andrew McIntosh for PK, Tom Campbell for PK, William Campbell for PK, Zac Campbell for PK, Tom O’Malley for PK, Sam Wilson for PK, Zac pacey for PK, Simmi Dhillion for PK, Myles Price Moor for PK, Hayden Guse for Pk.


Apologies: Ken Healy, Bryan Phelan, Glen Netto, Don Allen, Peter Snell, Brian McFadyen, Ian Bartlett


Life Members:

JH acknowledged the Life members as nominated and approved universally. Both new life members reciprocated their honour in being invested as life members

Dom Ovenden 2019-20

Paul Keller 2020-21

President’s annual report

JH supplemented PK’s report acknowledging the contribution of previous Presidents and their executives and the ongoing development of the new facilities

Treasurer's Report
To consider and adopt the Annual Financial Report

TC tabled a letter from Shane Thomsen from our Auditor Thomsens Pty Ltd advising that the 2019-20 financial audit was not completed due to Covid and issues with Queensland Cricket’s offsetting of invoices accounting practices. He advised the Audit would be finalised in Late January 2021. The April end of year unaudited financial report was tabled  and a “Special General Meeting” will be called to ratify the audited financials when they become available.

No objection to the tabled financial reports was made.

Election of Officers and Executive Positions
(Per our constitution; half of the committee will be elected each year and positions are for 2-year terms) – The following positions were filled unopposed:
1. President - Paul Keller - unopposed
2. Secretary - Mitch Witt - unopposed
3. Membership Committee - 2 positions
Adam Lavis and Andy Campbell

Consideration of any other general business pertinent to the AGM

  1. Opening and naming of the Kerr Family Pavilion and Shaw Park
    • An official Norths members opening will be undertaken in the New Year (suggested February 13, 2021) to celebrate north’s member contribution to the facility. The official opening on December 11, 2020 was limited to only select members and guests as part of the National Cricket Campus partnership funding agreements with Federal, State and Local government and Queensland Cricket (QC) and Cricket Australia (CA). The naming of facilities and buildings on the site is not completed and when done further consideration to ‘naming’ things will be undertaken. This also needs to fit in with any CA and QC agreements. The Norths Old Boys offered to create a group to assist in raising funds for additional resources for the facility e.g. scoreboards etc. This was universally encouraged by the Executive.
  2. Life member’s presentations – JH indicated that Norths were organising a presentation item for Life Members to acknowledge their contribution to Norths as encouraged by the late Robin “Horse” Pascoe. This would be done at the Norths facilities opening in the new year, when all grounds would be available for use

Meeting closed 8.06pm

Last updated: Wednesday December 30, 2020 3:10PM
Author: Paul Keller