RIP Roger Harris
Date of Event : Wed Sep 6, 2017 10:08AM

Part of the well known Harris Family (WEP, John & Roger) with strong links across Queensland Cricket.

Roger Harris (born 7 July 1931 died 6 September 2017)

Roger Harris tributes Norths v Ipswich (1st and 2nd grade) on Saturday and Lord’s Taverners v  Valleys (Sunday)

Life Member Queensland Cricket

Life Member Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club

Roger was not only a Life Member of the Valley-Norths Zone 2 Juniors but also Patron of the Zone till it became Brisbane Norths

Roger was a ‘Long Term’ Member of the Wanderers (Qld) Club and toured regularly with the Wanderers on its Annual Tours of Rural Queensland and Northern NSW

Norths club legend and stalwart Roger Harris with Robin "Horse" Pascoe are synonymous with North's cricket and its success through the 70s until now.

Roger lived for the club; with a strong focus on mentoring young players and players from the bush. He undertook every volunteer job at Norths and was the cement behind Norths and many players’ successes. His passing is a great loss to Norths and the entire cricket community.

RE: RIP Roger Harris Service - Tuesday the 12th September

Service will be at Albany Creek Garden Chapel at 10.30am on Tuesday 12th September400 Albany Creek Rd, Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035 – this venue is small and only seats about 50, Phillip has told me the service is strictly 30 minutes so don’t be late and that the proprietors are strict with time – Kev Maher has agreed to speak briefly (5 minutes max) on behalf of Norths and the Cricket Community


The service will be followed by a quick sandwich & drink at Phillip Harris’s at Aspley (22 Chardwell St, Aspley – 3263 2369) with family until noonish? Limited space. Phillip is Roger’s oldest brother (89) and was very much a second father to Roger. The family are very interested in meeting all Roger’s friends.


Wake - Eatons Hill Hotel  646 South Pine Rd, Eatons Hill QLD 4037. I have reserved a private area after 12.30 – 1pm onwards for drinks and storytelling- everyone is welcome



Good morning ladies and gentlemen and the wider cricket community.

One occasionally is privileged to get to do something and today is a great privilege for me to be asked to say a few words from a Club and Community point of view about a great friend, mentor and overall good bloke Roger Donald Harris.

I first met Roger when he came to Cairns in a work capacity just over 50 years ago and he played for Colts Club where he formed a lifelong friendship with Mal and John Cleland, years after that Mal toured New Zealand with the Norths Club as a guest.

It is difficult in a short space of time to adequately pay tribute to a man that has served his Club and the game of cricket for six to seven decades.

I’m sure later at Eaton’s Hill we’ll hear from players from each decade as they recall their dealings and friendships and stories of Roger Donald.

Roger was a Life Member of Norths Club and Queensland Cricket. He was described last week by QC CEO Max Walters as an astute judge of cricket; I fully endorse Max’s comment. Roger served as a Delegate to QC from the Norths Club for many many years and his wise counsel was sought by many an administrator and even by other Clubs who had run into various problems.

Roger was a very fair man and the regard in which the other Brisbane Clubs held him had to be seen to believed; he had a great affiliation with his good mates Barry Spencer, Max Dowzer and Darryl King from Easts and other such relationships existed across the grade competition.

Although his own family relationship with his brother WEP was tested when Norths clashed with University in some wonderful finals.

Queensland Cricket and Cricket Australia talk today of Talent ID and mentoring, etc , well they’re only just catching up on what Roger Harris was doing 50 years ago.

I received quarterly phone calls from Roger up until a couple of years ago and the conversation would go something like this” Kevvie Maher Roger Harris. I’m just calling to find out when the North v South under 17s and U19s are on-.23rd 24th November Rog, -goodo I’ll be there. What have you got as I’m looking for  batsman,bloody batsman who can occupy the crease and a quickie. He never failed to attend and cast his eye of the lads on show.

Another such phone call was something like this.,”Kevin Maher.Roger Harris,Yes Roger,Kevin do you know this young lad called Brendan Nash?Yes Roger,Can he play? Yes Roger,Righto I’ll chase him up”


The list of players that Roger identified reads like the who’s who of cricket; he lured Don Allan from Lismore to Brisbane, helped him get a job, somewhere to live and even played a lead role in DA meeting Theresa and a wedding eventuated.

I’d like to pick a team from the Country players that Roger attracted to Norths, it would be a fair team indeed. He not only looked after their cricket he found them jobs, accommodation or provided transport to and from their chosen school.

Names like Bell, Mainhardt, Healy, Jimmy Maher, Polzin, Inwood, Nash and many many others would form part of the line up.

He was always busy on the local scene and took particular  care and interest of the old Intermediate grade players such as Phil Carlson, Graham Whyte, Robbie Kerr and others. Looking after them was almost a full   time position in the club.

A lot of the people I have just mentioned would no doubt have been transported to and from grounds or home during their time at Norths by Roger and to say it was an experience when Roger was driving is an understatement. The gates of Windsor Park took an awful battering on a lot of Saturday nights as Roger left the ground and it’s probably why he never invested in anything too flash.

Today in Rugby League the talk is of the spine at the Melbourne Storm or the Broncos. Well Roger Harris formed the spine of Norths along with Ernie Toovey , his great mate , Rob Pascoe, and Alan Pettigrew a long time ago, once again before his time and set the great legacy that he leaves at Norths today.

Roger was extremely proud of Norths success in the early 70s when Norths under Mike Lucas dominated Brisbane Grade cricket going almost three seasons undefeated but he remained as supportive as ever from the background caring for the Club as a whole and ensuring there were more young players coming up the production line.

I’m sure many of the players from the past will have their own stories to tell at Eaton’s Hill in an hour or so time. I would like to thank the Norths Club and Roger’s family for affording me this great privilege today.

It is indeed an honour to be able to speak about someone as dedicated and passionate about cricket as Roger was . He was an ornament to the game serving Norths Club in every possible position over a very long period of time.

Cricket in general is poorer for his passing and his wise counsel, his generosity and cheery spirit will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace Roger you have left a great legacy.

Ken Maher







Paul Keller

Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club

M 0428 675 665


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Author: Paul Keller