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Warehouse Cricket Association - Sunday B1 North
Round 6 - Sun 16 Jul 2017 (10:00AM)
The Car PoolersdrewCQ Sand Crabs
Venue: Marchant Park 6 [ ]Match ID: 2595619
Umpires:  Not specified
Scorers:  Not specified
Result: The Car Poolers MATCH ABANDONED   Status: OFFICIAL   Points: The Car Poolers: 3.00   CQ Sand Crabs: 3.00 
Toss won by: Not available Batted first: Not available

Selected Team

P Cook
CJ Smith
AA Meincke
D Dwyer
P Collins
A Newling
A Hay
*S Grady
K Roy
P Mani
+BL Crawford

Selected Team

No team selected
* Captain
+ Wicketkeeper
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