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Club Champion

Grade Type 
Match Format 

Total Records: 42
 PlayerMatches Points
1 Campbell, Tom2308.00
2 Sully, Connor3225.00
3 Sardar, Hassan3204.00
4 McSweeney, Nathan A3187.00
5 McPherson, James3161.00
6 Healy, Tom A3156.00
7 Wilson, Sam3142.00
8 Prestwidge, William3141.00
9 Dhillon, Simranjit2138.00
10 Dutton, Harry2130.00
11 Forrester, Ryan D2129.00
12 Evetts, Hayden2109.00
13 McFadyen, Noah290.00
14 Snell, Tobias387.00
15 Dawson, Michael381.00
16 Doolan, Mitchell J370.00
17 Grewal, Addy369.00
18 Prestwidge, Jack A365.00
19 Hele, Samuel361.00
20 Farrell, Patrick352.00
21 Hauritz, Nathan M151.00
22 Lucas, Corey W350.00
23 Neale, Samuel245.00
24 Gadd, Jonny240.00
25 Dempsey, Ben239.00
26 Allen, Zach H132.00
27 Dhillon, Reuben230.00
28 Stubbin, Tom222.00
29 Burns, Joseph A321.00
30 Patel, Parth A220.00
31 Fleming, Kendel S217.00
32 Brown, Josh312.00
33 White, Jeremy310.00
34 Mclean, Blake110.00
35 McFadyen, Fergus110.00
36 Scifleet, Jenson26.00
37 Russo, Bailey10.00
38 Taylor, Aidan20.00
39 Eggmolesse, Tyran10.00
40 O'Malley, Thomas F10.00
41 Dowe, Michael J10.00
42 Chaudhary, Nikhil10.00
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Total Records: 42

Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 10.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 20.00 Assisted Wickets 10.00
Unassisted Runouts 20.00 Assisted Runouts 20.00
100s 100.00 50s 50.00
Stumpings 10.00 5 wkts in Innings 100.00
Not outs 10.00

QLD Prem C:Bulls Masters First Grade Competition1.00
QLD Prem C:Alan Pettigrew Shield [2nd]1.00
QLD Prem C:Norm McMahon Shield [3rd]1.00
QLD Prem C:Bob Spence Shield [4th]1.00
QLD Prem C:Roy Tanner Shield [5th]1.00
QLD Prem C:WEP Harris Shield [6th]1.00
QLD Prem C:Men's Under-19 One Day Competition1.00
QLD Prem C:The Lord's Taverners Competition1.00
QLD Prem C:Club Championship Amendments1.00
QLD Prem C:Jodie Fields Shield1.00
Points earned in each grade are multiplied
by the weighting factors above.